This Abused Dog Didn’t Look Like She Would Survive – Her Transformation Is Incredible!


In August of 2016, Chicago police officers noticed an unusual looking animal eating out of a trash can. It turns out that creature was a sick, abused dog. The scared pooch naturally ran away when they tried to approach him.

Rescuing The Pup

But everything happens for a reason, right? The residents of Chicago probably cursed the day a torrential downpour hit the town, but it was that rain that forced the ill pup to seek shelter. After finding refuge on a porch, the police officers were able to help the poor animal.

An Urgent Rush

The unwanted puppy looked like she wouldn’t make it much longer. Although the situation seemed practically hopeless, the police officers contacted Trio Animal Foundation. The dog was then rushed to the rescue veterinarian for urgent treatment. The exhausted dog, too weak to move, fell asleep in the car on the way to the doctor.

Feeling Hopeless

At the veterinarian’s the rescue workers and doctors could not believe their eyes. This dog was not only sick, but she was dramatically underweight by nearly 50 pounds. You could see every bone in her small body. Not only did the dog receive no love, but she also lost most of her hair because of a severe case of mange. She was in pain and slowly dying.

Getting Worse

To make an already grim situation even worse, the dog could not see. She suffered from a condition known as double eye entropion. The hungry dog could not care for herself because the ailment caused the eyelids to roll inward, forcing the hair and lashes to scratch the corneas. The malnourished animal even walked into a wall during her intake examination.

From One Problem To The Next

After examining her eyes, the veterinarian discovered an awful yeast infection in the puppy’s ears. Along with all the other troubles, this, too, was causing her much discomfort. On top of all her illnesses, it was painfully obvious she was also abused.

What’s In A Name?

Because she was quite the miracle, the rescue workers nicknamed the pup Halo. The dog had a guardian angel watching her as she started her long journey to recovery.

A Long Journey Ahead

Despite remaining positive, Halo was just too weak. She couldn’t even stand on her feet throughout her examination. The poor animal needed serious, life-altering help.

Doing The Best She Could

Even though she couldn’t stand on all fours, the rescue workers and veterinarian continued the assessment. Little Halo would simply lie down instead.

Quite The Pup!

The rescuers were able to determine that Halo was a mastiff or a cane corso (or possibly the mix of the two). It was hard to tell because these dog breeds are generally very large. Besides that, Halo was just a puppy no older than one or two years old.

She’s So Precious

Halo has such a sweet face! It is so heartbreaking to imagine anyone wanting to hurt this innocent, harmless pup.

The Road To Recovery

The once-abused dog responded to the IV fluids in an amazing way, gaining four pounds after just one day! Halo was truly a fighter. The introduction to food was a slow and difficult process. The team of workers had to start out by giving her small meals because too much food too quickly can lead to further damage.

Fixing Her Fur

Medicated baths helped Halo recover, but she was still too weak to start any treatment for her severe mange that damaged her fur and skin.

Destined To Be Blind?

The veterinarian was treating the pup’s eyes, but Halo was still having trouble with her sight. It was so bad that she continued to run into walls on a regular basis.

A Brave Dog

Although Halo was once terrified of humans because of her history of abuse, she began showing affection toward the rescuers and the team caring for her. It was a loving surprise!

One Day At A Time

In order to monitor her eyesight, Halo went to an ophthalmologist for dogs. Even though she still had trouble seeing, she had no permanent damage to her eyes. She was prescribed medication including numbing drops to soothe the pain and artificial tears to lubricate her eyes. However, she would ultimately need surgery to properly correct the entropion condition. Unfortunately, the four-legged friend was still too weak to undergo an operation.

Moving Forward With Treatment

The next step was to begin treatment for the severe mange. Halo’s body was hairless, scaly, and painfully sore.

A Beautiful Surprise

As Halo continued to heal, there was a surprise twist in her beautiful story. This is Alma and she, too, was found on the streets of Chicago. The workers think the rescued dog might be Halo’s mom…

Alma’s Story

Alma was around six years old when she was rescued (and she was actually found in the same vicinity as Halo). Their similar appearance is uncanny. Like Halo, Alma arrived at Trio Animal Foundation sick and abused. She suffered from severe mange, sunburns, and vaginal bleeding. Alma’s x-rays revealed she had undigested bones and garbage in her intestines. Her diagnosis looked bleak.

Getting Better Every Day

Even though the rescuers did not know if the two dogs were related, they continued to help Halo. After a month, the happy dog grew stronger and healthier every single day. She even started to regrow her gorgeous brown fur.

Just What They Needed

Just like Halo, Alma, too, started to make a full recovery thanks to the Trio Animal Foundation. The dogs underwent therapy to learn how to socialize and interact with other animals and humans.

Timing Is Everything

After the two furry friends were healthy, the team planned to introduce the possible mother and daughter duo. It was important for them to remain separated until their assessment proved they were ready.

An Honorable Animal

Halo worked with Miller, an experienced therapy dog who helped other pups mentally and physically prepare for a normalized life. After getting used to her pal, the moment was finally here for Halo and Alma to be reintroduced.

Friends Forever

Although it was not determined if Alma was indeed Halo’s mother, you can clearly see these two were filled with happiness upon seeing each other. What a joyous reunion! These two truly received a second chance at life.

A Happy Ending

The two lovable pooches spend hardly anytime apart. They are always playing together and even live in the same unit. Halo has gained over 30 pounds since being rescued. Over 90% of her fur has grown back, too. She is finally strong and healthy enough to get her entropion surgery to rid her eyes of any pain.






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