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The Witcher 3 Tips For Beginners – Learn The Essentials

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So with these 12 The Witcher 3 tips for beginners, I figured I might help reduce the load for those just at the start of their monster-hunting trip!

To many individuals, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a lot of things. I’d define it, particularly for newer players, as vast, majestic, and sometimes baffling.

The Witcher 3 tips for beginners: The Beginning

The Witcher 3 Tips For Beginners

1. Before any battle, Save The Game 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt can often be a pretty hard game, mostly when you’re still discovering all the complexities of its battle method.

And the last scenario you need is for the game to take you back twenty minutes and rub salt in the wound when you die because you failed to save.

We need to get in the habit of pressing F5 before each battle (and every so often in general) to quicksave.

2. Keep Meditating To Regenerate Your life

Geralt might be a hero, but he’s surely not immortal. On all occasions, you will need to pay particular attention to your fitness (or vitality, as the game names it), and you will only regain health out of battle at an incredibly slow pace.

If you’re on one of the lower two difficulty stages, mediation for an hour is by far the fastest means of recovery. It’s the task of a few clicks to get your health back to completion without using any objects, as long as you’re in a safe position without enemies around.

You will not have recourse to this unique (overpowered) privilege if you are on the higher difficulty tiers, but the only way to cure is to concoct some swallow potions, which will massively improve the restoration of energy for a limited period.

3. Save Oils And Potions For The Big Fights

Potions and oils are the solutions to the unavoidable question: “how am I meant to fight this enemy?”. I like using my very first experience with a werewolf to explain this idea.

The werewolf unexpectedly howled after handily wrecking his day during the first half of the fight and began to regain his fitness at such a monstrously rapid pace that I literally couldn’t kill it soon enough.

I took a step back after some unsuccessful efforts and convinced myself I wanted to plan more.

I looked up a few things, collected materials for a moment, made some Cursed Oil, added it to my blade, and then tried again. Cut the werewolf down flat in twenty seconds without causing any injury.

The point is: give yourself time for training for results and get yourself the right resources. Oils, potions, rockets… for a reason, they’re all there.

4. Combat Tip: Learn To Dodge, When To Do It, And How To Parry

There seem to be three key answers to an assault by an opponent. Parrying is where, right before the attack lands, you perfectly position your block, and it will leave the enemy open for a surprise attack.

This one is especially effective against human opponents, but this riposte will not damage many predators and will also stun you if you try to parry them.

And what are you doing against these enemies? Between dodging and rolling, you pick. Dodging is useful for stopping smaller assaults while holding you close and personal, ready to counterattack.

Rolling is your solution to huge lumbering attacks, like the charge of a Golem, where you just need to get the heck out of the way as fast as you can.

5. When In A New Region, Go To The Notice Boards

You may have found that, especially after finishing the prologue and wading out into Velen and Novigrad for the first time, the world of The Witcher 3 is completely enormous.

The vast expanse of land around you is easy to feel daunted by. Thankfully, you can search the map once you reach a new area and see precisely where each notification board is in the whole region.

Make it a priority for these notice boards. To further raise your level and give you some guidance in a new location, reading the notes attached to each one will give you new quests and witcher contracts, and they will also clutter the environment surrounding them with new points of interest.

6. Using the roads if on horseback to gallop forever

Your equine loyalist companion, Roach, is not really a device. If you’re a fan of galloping for miles and miles and miles without stopping to get to your new location, you’ll always have to pull your foot off the gas (so to speak) to allow Roach some time to heal.

Sticking to the roads as far as possible is a helpful hack to assist you with this. You should start galloping while you are on the lane, then take your fingers off WASD.

Roach will naturally keep to the road without you manually providing the route, and what’s more, she will manage to gallop but will not take up much energy while doing so.

7. Look For The Best Weapon And Armor

Except with the unparalleled combat skills of Blaviken’s Butcher, if you advance far enough without attempting to improve your weapons, you’ll eventually find yourself overpowered by your foes.

Chop out a bit of time to go looking for some of the rare witcher gear in your busy witcher calendar, and your attempts will be compensated ten times over with some of the finest guns and armor in the game.

When you’re just beginning at the Velen/Novigrad stage), an outstanding alternative is to go looking for all the simple witcher gear from Cat School. By going to Est Tayiar in the far east of Velen, you can launch this search. See the useful graphic below, which I have been perfecting for three full minutes.

witcher 3: start there for good gear

8. Let’s Find Places Of Power For The Skill Points

The Witcher 3 does have one of the weakest rates of any RPG I’ve ever experienced, leveling up your character.

You can spend an ability point in one of several different character enhancements if you have enough experience, upgrading everything from Geralt’s fighting and signing abilities to his potion overdose threshold.

So it’s a smart thing to do whatever you can to rush through this cumbersome self-improvement process.

A good way to go here is siding quests and witcher deals, but an even simpler solution is to check out each of the Place of Power stones spread in every area.

It is possible to communicate with these stone monoliths to raise the strength of one of Geralt’s five signs for a while, but each time you draw from them, they also give you a free skill point.

There are plenty of these stones spread throughout the maps that, during the campaign, finding them out will give you a completely monumental advantage.

9. Monitor The Levels Of Encumbrance, And Offer It To The Right People.

Ohhhhhhh, clever me, two tips combined into one single title! Well, those two knowledge gems are nicely intertwined, as both involve the handling of inventory.

Perhaps the most stressful feeling (for me at least) in the whole of The Witcher 3 is to grab one too many swords or drowner brains and become overwhelmed, unable to move or quick-travel.

By checking the top-left corner of the inventory window, you can verify how much weight Geralt can bear and how near you are to over-encumbrance.

And how are you going to escape this horrible state of being? You would need to make semi-frequent adventures into the nearby town to sell your goods, rather than improving your carrying ability with saddlebags for Roach and some talents.

The main thing to note here is that at varying costs, different sellers can appreciate the same items, so it’s essential to sell the right products to the right customers.

Sell your arms and your armor to a blacksmith, sell your medicinal ingredients, and so forth. The extra moolah is going to add up over time, believe me.

10. Make Sure To Repair Your Gear(From Time To Time)

Returning to outfitting your old pal monster-hunter with the right equipment for the situation: you will notice that your weaponry and protection will begin to take a pounding and get weakened through your journeys and tribulations.

This impacts the gear’s total effectiveness: weapons do less harm than they can, and armor absorbs ditto.

Fortunately, restoring broken equipment is very easy. The best kind of patch kit is what you’re after!

These repair kits exist in two forms (weapons and shield) and can be obtained from craftsmen or just simply uncovered in the environment as loot drops, and a portion of the damage suffered by the object in question can be automatically undone.

And sometimes, even if you don’t have a repair kit on hand, all you can do is head down to the closest blacksmith and pay them to fix all your gear.

11. Don’t Fall: You’ll Take Damage!

Its laughable susceptibility to falling injury is one of the oldest memes about the notorious Geralt of Rivia. Werewolves and wyverns? All right? Oh, no dilemma! But a fall of three meters? Instant death.

I wish I had a complete tip to help you stop harm from dropping. By rolling exactly before you catch the dirt, you can sometimes reduce any or all of the impact, but this is far from accurate.

All in all, you can only steer far away from some kind of cliffs and drops, and if you have to go close to one, make sure you save quickly before you do!

12. Use Some Good Mods

Oh, but wait, there’s an approach to the ludicrous harm from the fall: Mods!

Of course, this is not a mandatory step in embracing your moment with The Witcher 3, but the game has a wonderful and vibrant modding community (even after five years), and if you have a game issue, no matter how minor, the odds are that there is a mod that can solve the problem for you.

Most mods are also extremely quick to mount. Navigate to your Witcher 3 steam folder (which must be under something like C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common), build a new directory named mods, and drag – and – drop your downloaded file into your new mods folder.

Simply download and uninstall them. Run your game, then. Clear as that!

Our list of critical Witcher 3 tips for beginners ends with this. I could go on and on because, in this monumental RPG masterpiece, there is so much to learn and overcome, but you’ll just want to get on with playing now that you’re armed with all this newfound experience!

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