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Signal Decay Free Download For PC

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Signal Decay Free Download For PC! You can find details about Signal Decay and how you can download the game free of charge on this site. You may get a direct connection (from a separate file host) or grab a torrent here.

You will find the link to a free download at the bottom.

Signal Decay – Game Overview

For up to 3 online or local co-op teams, Signal Decay is a rare stealth outlaw. You are a silent killer on a futuristic alternate Planet, called upon by a cryptic signal to take up weapons to attack enemy bases and become the only chance to rescue mankind from the Broadcasters’ mind-manipulation.


Intense roguelike adventure with a quest created by procedures and permanent death.

In this extremely tactical stealth scheme, sneak, killer, lure, and set traps.

Teamwork online or remotely with up to 3 teams.

A solo mode with a special skill that is strong. Make a count of any action.

Friends to the Rescue: By asking friends to join your game, a second opportunity to begin a failed mission.

Arm Upgrades: Broad shotgun cache, tasers, mines, and different special skills.

Global Strategy System: In the nick of time, piloting a secret command center in the sky to race across the world, do tech testing, hit the next mission.

Regular Challenge & World Leaderboard: Place your high score among all fellow assassins.

  • Matchplay
  • Stealth with Cooperative

Shield your existence under ever-increasing alarm thresholds and monitor each other’s backs. Explore the bases, accumulate money, and search to kill the broadcaster.

Specific Struggle

Keep short, kill enemies, and cover the corpses from behind. Each enemy is reactive and warning, so be sharp. Get to a place of tactics, use the best armor skill to cope with different challenges, and shield each other.

Economic policy, global strategy

Under ever-increasing enemy consciousness, pilot an unseen airship through a real-time universe and sprint to the next mission. Strategically pick the tasks and kill all devices spread across the globe until all hostile armies are upon you.

Guns & Gadgets

Extremely tactical and strategic war. In close range, shotguns to blast shieldless opponents, tasers to shock humans and just humans. There’s a specific function for any arm and gadget. To guarantee that the next mission does not end in death or arrest, select your weapons and expertise strategically.

Control of Ressources

You are collecting ore shards to activate and craft modifications and supplies during missions. Carry out incentive missions, and you can earn new money and upgrade technologies.

signal decay free download

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 or later
  • Processor: 2 GHz Processor
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 1024 MB available space

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