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Rimworld Free Download For Pc – Latest Version

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Rimworld Free Download For Pc – You can find information on RimWorld and how to download the game free of charge on this page. Here is a direct connection or torrent download (from separate filehosters).

At the bottom of this page is the path to the free download.

Rimworld Free Download – Game Overview

RimWorld is an intelligent AI storyteller-driven Science-Fi colony sim. Dwarf Castle, Firefly, and Dune are inspired.

You start with three shipwreck survivors in a distant world.

Manage the moods, needs, disabilities, diseases, and addictions of colonists.

Forest construction, desert building, jungle, and tundra building, and more.

Watch colonists establish relations with family members, lovers, and wives and split them up.

Substitute damaged limbs and organs for prothesis, bionics, or biological components harvested from others.

Battle pirates, indigenous people, angry birds, giant insects, and old murderers.

Metal, wood, stone, fabric, and futuristic materials for the craft structures, weapons, and apparel.

Cute pets, farm animals, and fatal attack animals tame and train.
Trade-in caravans and boats are passing by.

Complete searches, trade, strike other factions or relocate all your colony.

Dig across the snow, storms, and battle against fires.

Capture or sell refugees or inmates to your side or in slavery.

Every time you play, discover a new world created.

Explore the Steam Workshop for hundreds of wild and fascinating mods.
Learn to play comfortably through a smart and discreet AI teacher.
The story generator is RimWorld.

It is intended to contribute horrific, twisted and victorious tales to the writers of prisoners, desperate settlers, famine, and survival. It operates by monitoring the “random” events the world is throwing at you.

The AI Storyteller is a card to your story, each thunderstorm, pirates raid, and salesman traveling there.

Many storytellers have to choose from. Cassandra Classic is for growing stress, and Phoebe Chillax is fond of relaxation. Randy Random has insane stuff.

Your colonists are not advanced pioneers but crash survivors from the orbit-destroyed passenger liner. A nobleman, a bookkeeper, and a housewife will finish.

By catching them and turning them around, by obtaining them from slave traders or taking refugees, you can gain more colonists. Your colony would be a motley crew, therefore.

The history of every person is monitored, and the way they play is influenced. A nobleman is excellent in social skills (recruitment of hostages, negotiation of trading prices).

A farmer knows how to produce food with many years of experience but can not carry out research. A scientist from Nerdy is perfect for science but is not able to perform any social tasks. A genetically modified murderer can only kill – but it does well.

Settlers build partnerships – then kill them. Each of the others has an opinion, which decides if they become lovers, marries, cheats, or struggles. You will be glad to marry your two best colonists before the stirring surgeon saves you from a gunshot. Your two top colonists are happy.

This game produces an entire world from one pole to the other. You opt to land in a frozen tundra in the North, a parched desert flat, a tropical forest, or a steaming equatorial jungle.

Various regions have various animals, plants, diseases, temperatures, precipitation, mineral resources, and land. The challenges of living in a sick, shocking jungle are very different from those that occur in a parched desert wasteland or in a frozen tundra rising for two months.

Travel the globe. Travel the world. Not in one position are you trapped. A caravan of people, animals, and prisoners can be created. Restore former allies abducted from the outpost of piracy, engage in peace talks, and trade with the other groups.

You can also pack up the whole colony and relocate to a new location. You can fly more easily with rocket-powered transport pods.

Animals can be tamed and conditioned. Lovable pets are going to inspire sad colonists. Farm animals, milked, and sheared could be employed.

Beasts can liberate an assault on your enemies. Many species, such as cat, labrador, grizzle, camels, cougars, chicken, and rare alien forms of life, are found here. There are also animals.

RimWorld people continuously watch their situations to determine how to feel at any given time.

They respond to hunger and tiredness, and they witness death, are sick, are left in the darkness, sleep outside or in the same room as others, and many other conditions. They could flash or break down if they are too nervous.

Each part of the body monitors wounds, infections, prothesis, and chronic conditions and affects the characters’ capabilities. Eye injuries make shooting or surgery impossible. Wounded legs are slowing down people.

All of them may be damaged, diseased, or skipped, and have practical consequences in-game. Hand, brain, mouth, heart, liver, kidneys, stomach, feet, fingers, toes, and more. And some have their body layout – a deer’s leg is cut off, and the other three also can be hobbled. Take off the horn of a rhino, and it is much less risky.

With prosthetics from primitive to intangible, you can repair the parts of the body. After an unfortunate incident with a rhinoceros, a tight leg gets Joe Colonist walking, but he is still very late.

Purchase from a broker a pricey bionic leg next year, and Joe gets a superhuman athlete. Also, the internal organs you can remove, sell, purchase, and transplant.

Rimworld Free Download – System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 with 384 MB of RAM
  • Storage: 500 MB available space

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