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GTA 6 Leak: Info about the release, trailer, map and city of the game by Rockstar

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About GTA 6 (Grand Theft Auto) from Rockstar Games, there are a lot of leaks and rumors about the city, release, trailer, and map of the upcoming open-world blockbuster.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) from Rockstar Games has been around for 22 years.
Currently, Rockstar Games is working on GTA 6 at full speed.
Many exciting leaks and rumors have already appeared about GTA 6.

Hamburg/New York – The rumor mill for GTA 6 is bubbling up because, in the regular weekly cycle, more and more exciting leaks to the new part of the Grand Theft Auto saga of publisher Rockstar Games come to light.

Every detail, no matter how small, may shed light on the release, trailer, locations, or characters of the open-world game GTA 6, which is supposed to outdo its predecessors by far.

We have summarized the most important rumors around the game.

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GTA 6 (Rockstar Games): Leaks on release date, sales start and announcement

A lot of enthusiastic players will recall when the last Rockstar Games hit was released. Since the release of GTA 5 in 2013, the game has enjoyed a great deal of success, and development on the latest portion of GTA 6 is now in full swing.

While one leak is chasing the next, the facts still give context to the current reports about the new Grand Theft Auto component.

One question is asked, especially frequently: when will GTA 6 be released? There are a lot of responses. There are frequent theories, but one thing has been true for a long time.

The notorious Leaker PSErebus is said to have actually determined out of nowhere: Rockstar Games will announce GTA 6 in the autumn of 2021.

The Twitter user has always polarized with right guesses on the scene, but many gamers also don’t take him seriously since the insider’s one or the other tweet in the past clearly appeared to be guesswork.

But there may be more on the release date for the fall of 2021 since a former Rockstar Games employee has made a release estimate.

Former employee Darion Lowenstein said: In the best case, development on GTA 6 will be done by Christmas 2021.

In addition, the developer, who has already worked with EA, Activision, and Rockstar Games, also found the timely announcement to be extremely improbable.

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GTA 6 (Rockstar Games): Leak in “Vice”-Easter Egg gives a hint

The most critical thing for everyone interested in the quality of the final product and Lowenstein also said The Rockstar Games creators Sam and Dan Houser are dedicated to quality, as the Daily Star said earlier.

Instead of setting targets, the Houser brothers will put all their energies into the quality of Grand Theft Auto 6. If you compare the changes with GTA 5, you will see: two years have gone by between announcement and publication.

If you apply to the new portion of GTA 6, the release in 2022 is most likely, given that the Rockstar Games breaks its iron silence and reveals the GTA 6 open-world game in 2020.

No matter how little, any detail should provide details about the release of the next GTA part: fans firmly cling to the hope that the Easter Egg of the predecessor GTA 5 has already been unveiled when GTA 6 is released.

So a startling fact is said to have been found during a casino robbery: the word “Service” is separated into Ser and Vice in the hallway on the right, while the word “Diamond 5.10” is written on the left.

Some people will shake their heads at these little bites of leakage, but the alleged Easter Egg is justification enough to dream for a lot of fans.

Understandably, the “Vice” stands for Vice City, the recurrent GTA Place of Operation, and the combination of numbers will be the potential announcement date for the new GTA portion of 6 October, 5 October 2020.

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GTA 6 (Rockstar Games): Crossplay, compatibility to PS4, Xbox One, or next-gen consoles

This question has been raised almost as often what happens to the sworn PS4 and Xbox One players? Since the arrival of the latest Nex-Gen consoles from PlayStation and Sony is planned for the end of this year.

GTA 6 would also only be built for the current PS5 and the new Xbox Series X from the outset.

This statement is based on a previous job commercial for Rockstar Gaming that they are searching for a programmer to work on specialized animations for major character-based Open World games-in connection with “Third Generation Hardware.”

Of course, it would be only fair if the two new PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles were launched this year.

The new Grand Theft Auto component was not released for another two years-that then GTA 6 would be released for next-gen consoles, but the problem of compatibility remains open.

However, Rockstar Games publishers would be more profitable if the title were also compliant with PS4 and Xbox One.

Similarly, the Publisher had already behaved in the past when it first brought GTA 5 still to the shelf for the old console generation in order to supply the Next Gen version of the game a few months back.

GTA 6 (Rockstar Games): places, setting, map and city published in Leaks

There are also several speculations about the new location of GTA 6: the fictitious city of Vice City is at the top of the list as a possible location.

Not only because of the alleged Easter Eggs in the casino robbery but also a certain previous order in the Grand Theft Auto past makes Vice City very likely as a location.

Alternating between Liberty City, San Andreas, and Vice City, the previous parts appeared – in the last part GTA 5 was San Andreas, so Vice City, inspired by Miami, could be next again:

  • GTA: Liberty City, San Andreas, Vice City
  • GTA 2: Anywhere City
  • GTA 3: Liberty City
  • GTA Vice City: Vice City
  • GTA San Andreas: San Andreas
  • GTA 4: Liberty City
  • GTA 5: San Andreas

GTA 6 (Rockstar Games): City and setting

The latest rumor is said to give a clue as to the British capital London as the next place of action, as the YouTuber UK Drill Insider published a video “GTA: London Concept,” which showed a design with London as the main location.

Although many fans were enthusiastic about the video, most GTA gamers rated the metropolis as a rather unlikely location. Reason for this: Already in 2013, Rockstar Games founder Dan Houser spoke out against a British establishment in the GTA series.

But the sixth aspect of Grand Theft Auto is also about two places in a single game, so players could already move between the fictional city of Vice City and South America.

The map heated up rumors about another position in GTA 6, the race track “Height of Civilization.” This was focused on the new GTA 5 DLC, which revealed areas where gamers saw portions of North and South America. But even this leak should be viewed with caution-the Rockstar Games were considered to be quiet.

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GTA 6 (Rockstar Games): Leak to female main character and plot revealed

Another idea that might have been such a success with Grand Theft Auto is that a woman can play the GTA 6 protagonist.

This rumor has been circulating for a long time in the forums about the main character in the Open World Game, and the creators of the Rockstar Games have always thought a woman as the main character to be really exciting. Still, so far, it has not been sufficient.

However, a much older leak on Reddit talked of something entirely different: according to this, the drug baron Ricardo, who transports cocaine between Vice City and South America, is expected to serve as the main male character in Grand Theft Auto 6.

Leak to female main character and plot revealed

A massive prison would also play a major role in GTA 6, which, according to Reddit Leak, will be organized in a series of chapters.

A minor political comment can be included in the latest GTA portion of the Rockstar Games: as a result of climate change, apparently changing conditions will significantly affect the series, such as catastrophic hurricanes or flooding, which will be the fictional main character’s destiny.

Netflix fans will be excited to learn that the latest GTA game may be inspired by the Narcos series, which is about the life of drug lord Pablo Escobar.

For the family of the prominent cocaine baron Martin Madrazo, the chief male character is expected to execute such questionable orders.

Leak to the trailer released – song should be from rapper Young Dolph

According to a leak from Reddit, the official GTA trailer is about to be released. This has been published by an informant who is said to be close to a GTA 6 employee.

The staff member is said to be responsible for the soundtrack of the new Rockstar Game and to have recorded a rap album for the publisher.

This song would be renamed “Blac Locks” and would be sung by the American rapper Young Dolph.

But why will a song send a clue to the Rockstar Games trailer? The Reddit user explained this as follows: “As far as I know, corporations are contacting them less than a month before the trailer is released.”

Price and editions of the Open World and third-person game

A similarly exciting question concerns many GTA players worldwide: how much is GTA 6 going to cost? Up until now, Rockstar Games developer has mostly focused on a full-price edition of between 50 and 70 Euros.

Later, extensions, packs, and packages were introduced to GTA Online, which Gamer was eventually able to order. If one assumes from numerous reports, there are also some GTA 6-Editions which stand up for debate as in Regular, Gold or Ultimate-but there too, the gossip mill is once again quicker than the published knowledge of the Rockstar Games themselves.

While publishers implicitly confirm the work on GTA 6, e.g., based on their job advertising, but before an official announcement is made, the specifics of the sixth component of Grand Theft Auto are still open.

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